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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Prawduck?

Our platform has been created to be used by businesses or activities that need to display their products or services online.

Does it make any difference whether I already have or not a corporate website?


Is it is necessary a special training to learn how to use it?

No, we've created and intiutive control panel. Whoever can use Facebook can use Prawduck.

How much will the membership cost when the grace period ends?

We don't know yet. Anyways it'll be more than affordable for a business. If you need more detailed information, contact us and we'll answer your questions.

How can I gather "Followers"?

Good question!. That depends on the nature of your business or activity. A generic piece of advice is to place your Prawduck profile on banners, corporate vehicles, flyers, etc.. Contact us and we'll suggest you [as a courtesy] customized alternatives depending on your activity.

Tell us your thoughts

Use this contact form to send us your messages. We'll contact you before you can spell PRAWDUCK!

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